Our culture of tax advice is to develop, as closely as possible to the interests of our clients, strategies that respect their heritage objectives, facilitate restructuring operations and transmission projects, by seeking a balance between creativity, innovation and compliance with good practices. .

The management of tax risk, in its financial and criminal dimension, is also part of our mission, in advice but also in defence, during controls and at each stage of tax and criminal proceedings.



  • Taxation of real estate trades (real estate VAT, regimes for exemption from transfer duties by making commitments, article 210 F of the CGI, tax specificities of the activities of property dealers, promotion, development, subdivision)
  • Transmission of the family business (donations before transfer, contribution-transfer, Dutreil Pacts);
  • Taxation of philanthropy (patronage, endowment funds, associations, etc.)
  • Taxation of innovation (CIR, JEI) and innovative legal tools (real estate sponsorship, active cryptos)
  • Structural taxation in groups (taxation of flows, transfer of control, mergers and group restructuring);
  • Tax framework for management packages (free shares, BSPCE, etc.);
  • Rulings and regularizations
  • Assistance with audits (ESFP and accounting audit), LPF L16 B assistance, management of the procedure and tax litigation, etc.
  • Wealth taxation (corporate organization of asset holdings, complex donations, matrimonial regimes)
  • Declarations (IR, IFI, 3% tax, etc.) and support for account statements