The Distribution, Consumption, Contracts division has a strong corporate culture, works in English and French and is committed to understanding our clients' industry. Our lawyers advise and defend our clients both in their supplier-distributor contractual relationships and vis-à-vis the supervisory authorities (DGCCRF, DREETS).

The team offers a wide range of services such as the analysis, support and negotiation of complex or strategic contracts, the implementation of legal tools essential to commercial negotiation and contractual audits.



  • Negotiation and drafting of distribution contracts (franchise, agency, commission, exclusive, selective distribution) and sales contracts (CGV, CGS)
  • Negotiation and drafting of complex contracts (sales contracts, business contracts, partnership contracts, sponsorship contracts, development, R&D, manufacturing, shaping contracts; etc.)
  • Drafting of T&Cs
  • Life and end of the contract: performance of contracts; termination of contracts
  • Supplier-distributor-consumer relationships
  • Relations with the supervisory authorities and assistance, advice and defense in the context of all types of controls (Competition Authority, DGCCRF, DREETS, etc.)
  • GDPR compliance
  • Validation of promotional operations (POS; social networks; contractual relations with influencers)
  • Product Safety and Compliance
  • Legal and contractual guarantees


The Distribution, Consumption, Contracts division is made up of a partner and three lawyers working in synergy with the other divisions.