The commercial litigation unit has developed proven expertise in handling and settling disputes. The strength of our firm and our teams results from the transversality of our professional practices and our fields of intervention, from our creativity and from a perfect knowledge of our clients' businesses. This allows us to collaborate actively with our clients well in advance of their difficulties in order to be able to anticipate any litigation, secure their position, seek and negotiate an agreement and, failing that, define together a genuine legal strategy. .



  • Management of pre-litigation relations (negotiation, transaction)
  • Assistance in the context of all contentious proceedings before the Judicial Court, the Commercial Court and Court of Appeal throughout the country
  • Assistance in the context of alternative dispute resolution methods before trial (Conciliation, Mediation) or during the trial (Participatory procedure)
  • Assistance in Arbitration proceedings
  • Management of procedures for the forced execution of enforceable titles (notarial deeds, judgments, arbitration awards)


The commercial litigation division is made up of three partners, five lawyers including a counsel working in synergy with the other divisions.