The firm offers its clients its expertise in commercial leases and professional leases in their amicable and contentious relations with their lessors or lessees. We intervene both in advice (negotiation and drafting of deeds) and in litigation (eviction procedures, fixing of rent for renewal or revision, termination or resolution, payment of rents and charges, etc.). We also work with our clients, lessors or lessees, in the context of construction operations and leases in the future state of completion.



  • Negotiation and drafting of leases and deeds of transfer of leases (right to lease or goodwill);
  • Taxation of commercial leases, in partnership with the Tax department;
  • Monitoring of lease expiry dates and support for renewals;
  • Lease analyzes as part of acquisition or VDD audits;
  • Lease litigation.


The activity in commercial leases and professional leases is led by two partners and a lawyer.