Our expertise

A close and qualified expertise : BBLM Attorneys share a same vision of the professional practice based on high standards, creativity and availability.

  • Corporate law

    BBLM has established reliable and close relationships with its clients in order to actively participate in strategic decision-making in all areas of corporate law. We in these matters consider creating a durable link based on a quality relationship. With the benefit of a recognized expertise and enshrined by more than 25 years of practice, BBLM Attorneys are thus involved in the incorporation of companies, and then, throughout their existence, in the support of corporate finance transactions (issues of securities, LBOs), mergers and acquisitions and as well as restructuring operations, spin-offs and partial transfers of assets. Our corporate law department offers regularly its expertise to help firms in management, and monitoring and legal matters. Our approach is practical and multidisciplinary - thanks to the synergies generated by the teams of the tax, competition and labor law departments, in order to better understand key issues and propose appropriate solutions.

  • Labor law

    Our attorneys specialized in labor law favor always a global and interdependent approach in advice and in defense: experience in litigation is the solid foundation of optimum advice. Our department assists and advises clients on long term and regular partnerships from individual working relationships to collective negotiations: • labor regulations: employment contract, hygiene - safety and working conditions, working time… • collective negotiations and relationships with employee representative bodies: staff representatives, employee representative council, group committee, union delegates • Social protection • Approach and resolution of crisis situations and exceptional circumstances in corporate life: job-saving plan, labor dispute ... In addition, our multidisciplinary approach is in line with the tax and corporate law departments. In litigation matters, our attorneys assist clients in all pre-contentious and contentious stages: negotiations, transactions, support and representation before the labor and appeal courts and other jurisdictions throughout France.

  • Tax law

    With the increasing complexity of tax law, advice provided by our attorneys dedicated to this field is based on a particularly demanding approach. Reliability of any advice, multidisciplinary approach - our tax law specialists work together with corporate and labor law departments- attentiveness and personalized relationships: this is what our business clients, SMEs, individuals and companies have the right to expect from us. BBLM Attorneys are active in advising before an operation or reorganization as well as in contentious cases. Our missions are to assist firms and individuals in establishing tax declarations, in search optimization to maximize safety, the monitoring of audit and control procedures, tax disputes (claims, defense, transactions…), request for approvals and rescripts. With a real expertise relied on an experience of over 25 years, our attorneys provide also strong recommendations in all considerations determined by tax law such as corporate and built assets restructurings, revenue and flow optimization and real estate investments structuring.

  • Commercial litigation

    Defend you is our job. Our defense activities are enhanced by its symbiosis and interaction with the provision of legal advice. BBLM Attorneys enjoy a solid reputation in assisting and representing clients before all civil and commercial courts, primarily in business law. They also feature a proven practice of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration). The firm's activities cover all the conflicting relationships of firms with their customers, suppliers, service providers, the specialized disputes such as those related to mergers and acquisition (liability guarantee) or corporate finance (equity financing), contractual litigation and enforcement proceedings. In these areas, our experience in corporate, labor, intellectual property, competition and distribution law are used to provide the best level of expertise in file processing. Attentiveness and personalized relationships with a high degree of involvement in all stages of the proceedings are part of the assets that have become our hallmark.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our IP department manages a large number of trademarks and models portofolios in France and worldwide. BBLM assists its clients both in connection with filing applications and in litigation. Our IP department advises their clients for a perfect security of their immaterial assets.

  • Competition/ Distribution/ Consumer Law

    The development of the activities of a firm takes place through the arrangement of commercial contracts or partnerships, in particular on an international level. It is essential to secure these relationships through contracts that reflect the way the firm operates and intended goals the firm sets itself. Competition issues are often crucial. Distribution • General terms and conditions of sales • Network of agents or exclusive resellers • Franchises • Supply • Subcontracting • Central purchasing and referencing center • Unfair termination of business relationships Competition • Exclusivity or non-competition clauses • Price fixing agreement/customer allocation agreement • Consultations in connection with tenders • Predatory pricing, tied selling • Control of an essential facility • Notification of M&A activity • Terms of payment • Prohibition of resale at a loss Sales promotion and advertising, consumer law • Sales • Lotteries, gifts, coupons • Misleading and comparative advertising • Consumer information • Unfair terms • Distance sales and door-step selling

  • Trust

    BBLM has developed a specific expertise in Trust Agreements allowing us to offer innovative solutions and assist our clients in their drafting and negotiation in collaboration with the professionals involved (Bankers, trustees, etc.).

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  • Information Technology

    Our legal team advises you in the implementation and development of your IT and e-commerce projects (as a service provider or customer), and assists you in commercial litigation (courts or international arbitration). • Website and e-commerce • Paperless process (electronic signature, digital evidence...) • Protection of personal data • Outsourcing • Software license • Maintenance • Service provision • Telecommunications and network industries.

  • Regulatory : Environment / Cosmetics

    Firms are facing today environmental, safety and health issues in various economic activities. Our legal team advises you in the assessment and management of environmental and health risks (legal risk assessment and legal risk management) related to your production activities, your acquisition operations (change of control, real estate acquisitions …), and your economic relations with your suppliers, customers and subcontractors. Environmental law (private business law aspects) Environmental civil liability (neighborhood disturbances, compulsory restoration, environmental liability...) Corporate social responsibility (social and environmental report, environmental advertising code of ethics, solidarity economy ...) Chemical risk prevention Contract engineering and REACH regulation (consortium, manufacturing contracts) Advice in regulatory applicable to cosmetics, food supplements, essential oils… Civil and criminal liability owing of a lack of security of goods and services

  • Collective proceedings

    An attorney has a key role in assisting firms in difficulty in the framework of collective proceedings. BBLM Attorneys intervene from the stage of diagnosis to the successful implementation of appropriate preventive solutions: ad hoc mandate, mediation and safeguard procedure, and then when processing difficulties: receivership and compulsory liquidation. Our approach aims to offer a full and high-quality service built on the creation of a relationship of trust with our clients. The range of related subjects extends from the relationships of a firm in difficulty with jurisdictions to the bodies of the proceedings: commercial courts, bankruptcy judge, public prosecutors, receivers and liquidators. Our involvement in the judicial life and our regular participation in the dissemination of the information to professionals and firms (through numerous seminars and articles) is a valued recognition. In this area where the keyword is responsiveness, the added value of our attorneys lies in their involvement.

  • Banking and financial law

    Our firm assists and advises several banks, particularly in the following areas: • Civil and commercial debt collection • Exercise of bank guarantees • Bank’s liability • Real and personal guarantees and realization of a relevant interest in the collateral • Banking regulations

  • International

    Working as closely as possible with our clients, our attorneys assist them in their international development, and advise foreign companies in their setting-up and deployment in the South of France. Our firm has a team of attorneys who have worked/studied abroad in law firms or foreign companies. The firm has also created a network of practitioners and local colleagues, of various profiles depending on the needs of its clients. Business contracts - partnerships - joint venture Cross-border M&A Taxation - transfer pricing Industrial subcontracting markets Distribution - Sourcing Trademark and design strategy Arbitration - mediation Impatriation/expatriation assistance

  • Commercial Lease – Goodwill

    BBLM lawyers support, both landlords and lessees, in the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases. They also assist them in litigation, in particular in relation to the setting of a revised or renewed lease’s rent. We further help our clients in the acquisition, the assignment, or the management lease of a goodwill (“fonds de commerce”).

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