Up to €1,000 reimbursed on your trademark and design filings.
BBLM Avocats accompanies you to secure your intellectual property and helps you obtain this subsidy.

The European Commission initiates the SME Fund “Ideas Powered for Business” grant program which aims to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to protect their intangible assets.

This system allows SMEs in particular to obtain a partial refund of trademark and design filing fees:
75 % of taxes refunded on national and regional deposits (France, European Union, Benelux, etc.).
50 TP3T of taxes refunded on international trademark registrations (outside Europe).

As a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, we support you in all stages of your project and allow you to benefit from our expertise and our network.

* For a trademark registration in the European Union in 5 classes of products or services, the fees are €1,350. With the EMS device, you get a refund of €1012.50.
* For a design or model filing in the European Union, the fees are €350. With the EMS device, you get a refund of €262.50. ——

These subsidies can be combined with the Pass PI, offered by @INPI, which allows the payment of 50 to 70 % of our fees. 

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