BBLM Lawyers accompanied IXO Private Equity, investor ofIFC in the transfer of its shares to the group MediaSchool of which he becomes a shareholder. A new step for the group, which plans to achieve a turnover of more than €17 million by the end of its 2022 financial year.


The team of BBLM Lawyers was composed of:

Fabian of Saint-Seine, Associate lawyer, MergerAcquisition, PrivateEquity

Agathe Bousquet Tartanson, counsel lawyer, MergerAcquisition, PrivateEquity


List of speakers:


Legal advice : By Pardieu Brocas Maffei

Financial Due Diligence: D'Ornano + Co.

Legal, fiscal and social Due Diligence: D'Ornano + Co.

Funding advice: Volt Associates


M&A advice: Financial of Courcelles

Legal advice: BBLM Lawyers Fabien de Saint Seine, Agathe Bousquet Tartanson, Sextant Lawyers

Financial Due Diligence: Mortar & Associates


CIC Private Debt & Eurazeo Private Debt

Legal advice : Nabarro Béraud Lawyers


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